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CNC Flexible Machines

Before tapping: drilling, facing,chamfering... At each work step the workpiece goes through several machining operations.
Standard machines with two, three or four units to obtain the best output rate. CNC operating units with mechanical advancement to carry out machining operations by carbide tools with internal coolant flow. Opposed machining operations option with additional rear unit.

Mod. F10.2T

F10 f10-part


One flexible spindle for each section, to carry out different types of machining as drilling, reaming, chamfering, facing operations or CNC tapping without lead screw.

Mod. FGM

fgm fgm-part


Machine with a single working section, with three operating units: two for drilling/chamfering, and one for tapping operations. Possibility of inserting one more opposing unit, to carry out machining operations also on the workpiece back side. Feasibility for execution of small turning and grooves.

Mod. FM25.2T



Mod. FM25.1T

fm10 fm-10-part